Music is a powerful vehicle that can change lives, and few wield that power with more passion and skill than Jen Ledger. After a decade as the drummer for multi-platinum rockers Skillet, the talented Brit has toured the world and is now ready to unleash her own musical vision with her debut EP, LEDGER.

“The thing that makes me most passionate about doing music is to be someone who is actually singing about hope,” she says with a toss of her sapphire tresses. “There are things about life that matter so much more than what social media portrays. I want to be a voice of hope and life – to bring people up with my music rather than be a voice that tears them down.”

The youngest of four children, Ledger grew up in Coventry, England and took up the drums at 13 because she wanted to impress her older brothers. Two years later, little sis was a top female finalist in a national competition in the U.K. Soon after she was awarded a scholarship at a music school in the U.S. At 16, she left home for what she thought would just be a 10-month program, but there were bigger things in store than she could have ever imagined.

A friend told Ledger that Skillet was looking for a new drummer and encouraged her to audition. The shy 17-year-old initially brushed off the suggestion, but her friend coaxed her into meeting Skillet frontman, John Cooper and his wife Korey, and she showed them her skills. “The idea of performing felt huge and terrifying, and I just didn’t feel like I was any good at the drums,” she confesses. “I was just so sure that everyone else around me was better.” Well the Coopers didn’t think so and called her back for what she thought was just a second audition. She was surprised to find it wasn’t another audition.

She had gotten the gig. “The main thing I’ve learned from touring with Skillet is just how impactful music is. I have traveled the world from Russia to Japan to Australia and I have seen music impact people,” says Ledger, who joined the band a few days after turning 18, and played her first sold out arena show. “I’ve heard people all over the world say, ‘You’ve saved my life,’ and it’s an honor to be able to be a part of anything that influential.